Whether you are looking to capture your live performance or create visually and thematically captivating story for your song, we want to bring out the magic in your art. It is said that a picture tells more than a thousand words; when combining video and music the stories can be endless.

Clients Include :
Dana Immanuel (GB)
Blanche Ellis (GB)
shane (US)
Yan Yates (GB)
Emji (FR)
Piotrestie (FR)
Paul Kelly (AU)
Mighty Bear Hugs (GB)
Nick Harris (GB)
The Melbourne Ska Orchestra (AU) - with Manikin Productions
The Vasco Era (AU) - with Manikin Productions

As well as Music Festival live cross
Falls Festival 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 (AU) - with SJ Productions
The Pyramid Festival 2007 (AU) - with 1440 Productions