Looking to create a promotion for your theatre show, capture an event in all of its glory, or obtain an accurate and professional recording for grants or proposals, we can offer a number of services to record your theatre production. Growing up around theatres, both as a student of theatre, actor, director and stage manager, we understand the intricate world of performing arts and aim to convey the same finesse in our own work.

We will be travelling to Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the 06/08/2015 until the 31/08/2015, contact us to see what we can do for your show, street performance, or spectacle.

Clients Include :
The Emperor of America (preview)
La Soeur d'Olga (extract)
Breadknives (crowdfunding)
Badauê Batucada (street performance)
Méditation Sur la Vie et la Mort (extract)
Piotrestie (live dance short)